What is Scatter? 

Scatter is a book I read in 2018 which really influenced me in seeing the reality of combining engineering with mission. I found it when scrolling through Facebook one day in summer 2018 and it joins a very short list of Facebook ads I am thankful for. 

The book firstly forces Christians to appreciate that there are over 2 billion people in the world who will never hear the gospel or personally know a Christian. That number increases by 57,000 each day. 

With this in mind, he exhorts Christians to go and take a job in these places to build relationships with colleagues and neighbours sharing the hope we have in Jesus in what we say and do. He is aware how strong the view has been that a missionary is one who goes in the traditional sense of preaching and church planting leaving behind their previous profession. He, of course, makes clear that these roles are still required but are not the only option.

He is convinced there is so much opportunity for Christians to take their professional skills, which they have trained so long for, to places where often these skills are so needed and there are currently no Jesus followers. These jobs can be the easiest ways to access some of these countries as Christians. We can give God glory through doing the job we love to the best of our ability and sharing our hope in Jesus with those whom he places us around. He cites the examples of Joseph, Daniel and Esther from the Bible and many others he has met on his travels who shine for God living and working in places in completely unaware of Him.


Reading this book was fantastic news for me. I have a large desire to adventure and live in other cultures because everything about it fascinates me as I marvel at the diversity of the world God has made. My brain is completely wired to solve problems and designing engineering solutions comes so naturally to me. It is such a blessing that God has shown me how all the passions he has given me can be combined. 

In the video below, you can hear a story from Charles who is a civil engineer in the Middle East and has embraced the Scatter principle.

Of course, Scatter goes much further than engineering. You can find more stories of Christians who go as teachers, doctors and business men and women scattering to those least reached by the gospel with their profession here.


If you would like to buy Scatter, you can do so here.

Scatter Global also have a job board to help Christians find jobs like this. You can find that here.


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