This gap year wouldn't be possible without all those who are so generously supporting me in prayer and with finance. On this page you can find ways to support me in prayer and financially including my full budget for the year to maximise transparency.

As you support me, you are supporting the Pyrolysis project that I will be involved with. It is already reaching Ukrainians with the gospel through the relationships formed through creating jobs and engaging the community with dealing with the huge problem of plastic waste. This gap year is geared towards furthering progress of the Pyrolysis project to drive it towards financial sustainability so its impact may expand without external finance.


Prayer Support

As much as I am excited for this gap year, I know there will be many challenges as I adapt and integrate into the new culture I will find myself. I will need to walk with God step by step as I navigate each new challenge and your prayers are so welcome in helping me to do that.

I will include prayer points in each blog post I will release. You can sign up to the mailing list here if you would like to receive blog posts direct to your email inbox. I also have prayer points for Ukraine generally including ministries in the war zone, for those with disabilities and orphans. You can find these here


The Budget

I want to share my budget with you for maximum transparency of how I intend the resources God has given me to steward. There is a list of notes below the budget to elaborate on some of the budget items. The currencies are Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH), US Dollars (USD) and British Pounds (GBP).  

Some notes on the budget items above:

  • The exchange rates for USD and GBP to UAH were taken from on September 17th 2020 and were 28.0798 and 36.3333 respectively. 

  • The plan is to be in Ukraine for 10 months from the end of September 2020 to the end of July 2021. 

  • My accommodation will be in the church in Kaharlyk. OM Ukraine charges a flat rate of 150 USD/month for accommodation at all OM facilities and this includes all utilities and WiFi etc. 

  • The GO Conference is an OM training conference at the end of August which will be held online. 

  • The visa is a 90 day visa which is the prerequisite for applying for the 1 year residency permit. The visa is so expensive because of the reciprocal agreement between the UK and Ukraine which also makes it very expensive for Ukrainians to obtain a UK visa. 

  • The Ukrainian bank account is to allow me to receive my financial support from OM Ukraine. 

  • I have estimated a return trip between the UK and Ukraine to be 200 GBP when including travel to/from airports at either end and  allowances for hold baggage. I intend to make 3 return trips during the year: At Christmas, after Easter and my outbound and return journeys at the start and end of the year. 

  • The health insurance policy is with Salt Insurance who have a deal with OM to provide cover for missionaries.  

  • The fees for OM UK and OM Ukraine go towards the behind the scenes work which enabled OM as a global mission organisation to operate. This includes administration, accounting, marketing and providing 1-to-1 support for me throughout. 


Ways to Give

If you are feeling guided to financially support me in reaching Ukraine with the gospel through the Pyrolysis project then I thank you in advance for your generosity. I am always available to discuss anything you have read on this site and answer any questions you may have prior to giving if you would be more comfortable with that - please get in touch here. You can give a single donation or set up a regular direct debit easily through this link to the OM website: 

Also, my support page on the OM website can be found by clicking the image below.